Saturday, December 19, 2015

Book Review: Lock Creek: One Year's Time: book one of the Time Capsule Series(Laney Smith)

Lock Creek: One Year's Time (Book One of the Time Capsule Series) 
By:  Laney Smith
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Mystery

Lock Creek: One Year’s Time is the first book in the Time Capsule series. This book is anything but your typical love story. This romantic mystery will keep you guessing with unexpected twists and turns, making this lively story fun and engaging. With realistic characters, a charming setting and an intriguing story, you will find yourself longing to escape with your “friends” in Lock Creek. This first book will introduce you to these characters and allow you to have a bond unlike any other. You will be excited, mystified and entertained as this story plays out in vivid color! And, remember, this is only the beginning

****We were provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.****

I think that I'm so obsessed with reading because it's a great way for me to relax, and escape the stress associated with playing the role of responsible adult.  With that being said, I want to read the type of books that suck me in.  The type of books that give enough information not only to be able to see the characters, but to also be able to see myself sitting in the background, watching the story unfold.  Lock Creek: One Year's Time delivered.  

I was hooked from the beginning.  Just when I thought that I had it figured out, or that it couldn't possibly get any better, I was proven wrong.  The main characters, although somewhat mysterious, were easy to relate to, and had me instantly rooting for the same time that I was screaming inside for them to pull their proverbial heads out of their asses and do something! 

 This being book one of a series means that I was left with questions, and assumptions (but not a horrible cliffhanger), which I'm confident will be answered as soon as I pick up book number two.  If you're looking for a book that will keep you captivated for hours, you won't go wrong by picking up a copy of  this one.  Laney Smith and Lock Creek: One Year's Time have both been added to my favorites list!

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