Friday, December 11, 2015

Book Review: Sweetly Scandalous (Jacqueline Winters)

Sweetly Scandalous
By: Jacqueline Winters
Genres: Romance (contains some mature content)

Romance novel enthusiast Allie Jordan has a closet secretly stacked full of steamy bodice-rippers and a past relationship gone wrong.

Her vicious ex, Travis, demeaned her love of her favorite books, leaving Allie to seriously doubt the existence of happily ever afters beyond their fictional pages. One unfortunate night, Allie falls victim to his rage. Years later, with Travis behind bars, the scars he’s left behind still haunt her. Only through her anonymous—but quite popular—blog does Allie share her excitement of sexy heroes and stubborn heroines.

When Doctor Nick Bryant arrives in Willow Creek looking like he might’ve jumped right from the pages of one of Allie’s lusty books, she can’t seem to stay away. And with Nick’s past, she probably should.

With Nick harboring secrets of his own and Travis nearing parole eligibility, will Allie take a chance on her own happily ever after, or will her past prove that not all scars heal? 

 ****We were given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review****

Hey guys!!  Please forgive me for waiting so long to post my first review....I was a bit nervous (so please go easy on me).   You would think that since I spend the majority of my free time reading I would be in the running for posting the most CommonBookSense reviews =).  Who knows....that just might be one of my 2016 resolutions.  So, lets get on with this review, so I can start working on number two.

 If reading the type of book that makes you forget the world around you is your thing, Sweetly Scandalous won't disappoint.  Any avid and/or borderline obsessive reader (like myself) would find it hard not to fall in love with Allie, and her stacks....and stacks of books.  She had me rooting for her to give up her anonymity and openly do what she loves from the very beginning.  Although she wasn't an immediate fan of Dr. Nick's, he couldn't have arrived at a better time.  She's hesitant, and thanks to her ex Travis, and their rather unhealthy relationship, she has good reason.
This book is one in which so many of us can relate.  Whether  you've just gotten out of an unhealthy relationship, are currently in a relationship where you are ashamed to be yourself, or you find yourself wondering how the perfectly flawed person pursuing your attention could EVER be interested in someone like YOU this book shows that one bad situation doesn't dictate our entire lives. I truly hope that you guys enjoy this book (and author) as much as I have!

See ya, bitches.

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