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  2. In which Holmes engages in Imperial geopolitics while Watson sets about modernising the New Army.

    The chaotic last days of the Great Ch’ing. Review very welcome

    It’s 1907. Holmes and Watson encounter the terrifying Empress Dowager Cixi at the height of her power…
    Sherlock Holmes And The Nine-Dragon Sigil
    From MX Publishing
    Sigil. Pronounced sijil. An inscribed or painted symbol or occult sign considered to have magical power
    Rumours abound that a deadly plot is hatching - not in the fog-ridden back-alleys of London's Limehouse district or the sinister Devon moors of the Hound of the Baskervilles but in faraway Peking. Holmes's task - discover whether such a plot exists and if so, foil it. Are the assassins targeting the young and progressive Ch'ing Emperor or his imperious aunt, the fearsome Empress Dowager Cixi? The murder of either could spark a civil war.
    China's fate and the interests of Britain's Empire in the Orient could be at stake. Holmes and Watson take up the mission with their customary confidence – until they find they are no longer in the familiar landscapes of Edwardian England. Instead, they tumble into the Alice In Wonderland world of The Forbidden City.
    Sherlock Holmes And The Nine-Dragon Sigil was written in a converted oast house near Rudyard Kipling’s old home, Bateman’s, in the English county of East Sussex.


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