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By Kailei

      Hello! Welcome to our book blog! If you're new, then we welcome you with warm arms.....unless you hate hugs, then we'll just love you from a distance. If you've been here before: Welcome back! We missed you!
     CommonBookSense is ran behind the scenes by mother-daughter duo, Kailei and Shell. Together, they answer all of your emails, do the coding,  pick color schemes, connect with authors, and everything in between. However, it isn't just Kailei and Shell that appear on the blog; we have several guest reviewers that appear on the blog, just to spice up our relationship *winks at the computer screen*. We've had several guest reviewers thus far...you can find their reviews under "Reviews by Reviewer" on our navigation menu!

Common Book Sense recently turned one -- as in we've dedicated a whole year of our lives to this blog-- so we like to think that we have a decent grasp of how to effectively blog and keep up with our personal lives. As of the last time this page was updated, we have over 100 reviews published...as well as quite a few little extra things that can be found under the "Other Awesomeness" tab on our navigation menu.

 If any of the books we review contain mature content of any sort, we will be sure to include that in our post!
We DO currently have advertisement spaces open! You can see our pricing info *here*. If you're interested in the possibility of having us review your book, please see our review policy (here).

  We are always happy to accept book review requests, or to answer any questions you may have...you can reach us at commonbooksense@gmail.com .

"The faces behind the computer screen."



                     ~ Kailei ~

 I guess it's time to tell you guys about who's behind CommonBookSense...
   My name is Kailei Marie, and I'm sixteen years old (I'll be seventeen this April). I'm home schooled at the moment, but I went to public school for most of my education (up until ninth grade, when we switched countries ).

  I guess you could say I get my love from reading from my mom (who is actually Shell on this blog), seeing as she reads just as much, if not more, than I do.

I've loved to read for a long time, but what really made my reading take off was my decision to read Harry Potter in the fifth grade. I ended up finishing Harry Potter and reading Twilight. After that, I've just read non-stop; it's always something that I find relaxing. I'm a person that puts books before sleep. I'm greatly looking forward to sharing something that I love with all of you! 

I am honestly a HUGE nerd..Supernatural, Doctor Who, every crime show ever and gaming videos on YouTube take up lots and lots of my time....I do try to look edgy and cool...but it's really hard when you're sixteen and under 5'0" tall. Yeah, not even my nose ring and rainbow hair helped. 

I actually lived in Europe for about three years, Italy, specifically. I CAN speak quite a bit of Italian, but, by no means, am I fluent in the language. It was a really unique experience; I got to go to France, actually. My first goal was  actually to find a book in French...

My favorite genres: Overall, I like to read anything, if it's a good book, or if the little blurb is enticing, I'll pick it up and read it. But I do have some genres that I find myself reading more than others...
  Fantasy/Paranormal Fantasy is my all time favorite, I like all the supernatural stuff, vampires, faeries, everything and anything fantasy.  I've recently found myself picking up lots of 
apocalypse based book, my favorites of the mix typically have a dash of romance....On that note, romance is another that I find myself reading quite a lot of, mostly because it's what my mom always adds to our kindle account. Like most people, sometimes I just need my cute little romance fix...to help me cope with my nonexistent love live... And some mythology, specifically of the Rick Riordan variety.

My favorite authors: Is it bad that I don't have any authors that I can really call my favorite? If they're a good author, and they produce content that I enjoy I tend to read whatever they write.

IG: @Kailei.Marie._


~ Shell ~
I hate writing about myself, so I've never been good at putting together an epic "About Me" section. Sooooo, here goes nothing.  
My name is Shell.  I am the thirty-something mother of two charismatic and strong-willed teenagers....one of which is, Kailei, a fellow blogger who can also be found here.  My other child, Brandon, is probably the most stubborn and hardheaded child on the planet, but I wouldn't have him any other way.  Although he didn't inherit my love for reading, I'm hopeful that it will eventually rub off on him. 
Labeling myself a book lover doesn't sound powerful enough to describe the relationship that I have with books.  I am ALWAYS reading something!!  If a book draws me in I don't put it down until I know how it ends. Sometimes I love it, and others I get mad enough that I want to throw whatever I'm reading on across the room, but I always become emotionally invested in whatever I'm reading.  I don't have a particular genre, or style of writing, that I prefer.  I typically find new authors based on suggestions from friends/family or those that I find on various reading sites.  
Doing this sort of thing is very new to me, but I'm confident that I am going to instantly fall in love with sharing my favorite (and sometimes most hated) books with you guys.

IG: @ShellFuller

Thank you so much if you made it this far on our page! Please follow our blog, as well as our social media platforms! You can find all that information on our Contact Info page! Just scroll on up to the top, it's there! ~ Kailei

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