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We at CommonBookSense have decided that it's time we get a little back for all of our hard work. We recently posted our 100th review and, in light of that, we've decided that it's time for us to start giving authors and publishers the opportunity to advertise with us!

 If you're interested in advertising with us, you can submit your proposal (and image/link) to . Please make sure your subject line is ADVERTISEMENT REQUEST. This makes differentiating the emails much easier. Please don't send your advertisement request attached at the end of a review request....keep everything separate. 

We have several spaces available for several different prices ranging from $10 to $50. Below you will find the spaces in which you can advertise, as well as the prices and image dimensions. Keep in mind that space that says "these can be shrunk when uploaded" will be shrunk to 225 px wide (they stay the same ratio of width:height) We think that Kindle covers work best for sidebar spaces!

*Note, the sizes are width x height in pixels,*


We reserve the right to turn away anyone's request.

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