Thursday, December 03, 2015

Hello, my dearest readers! This isn't a review, sadly, but, I mean, c'mon, FREE BOOKS?!  Naomi and I are a teeny bit behind on reading this week, but I THINK she's going to post a review after she's through with her school work!  I hope to finish the requested book by the end of this week, so that I can review it for everyone!

We have decided that our reviews are lacking quite a bit (thanks to Esther and Naomi's sister), but it really is a great thing! We're going to try to work on giving you guys better reviews. Especially now that we have a schedule up. I've been TRYING to get caught up with review requests..I had so many that I had to stop accepting them...Yeah, it's THAT bad. But I'm getting there!

I wasn't JUST posting this to tell you guys that we suck at reading (kidding), but a lovely author kindly informed us that his book will be free on Amazon today and tomorrow! He is on of the authors that requested a book review, and his book Roads&Circuses is on our "to-review" list. Since Sophie was supposed to read it, I figured it was that least I could do!

So, I'll leave the cover and the link to the book on Amazon and Goodreads down there. If you leave your goodreads username in the comments, we'll friend you on there! Tell me, what do YOU use to read your Ebooks? Kindle, Barnes&Nobel, iBooks, or something else?

Tom Mazzone's Tweet:
"ROADS & CIRCUSES - FREE on Amazon Dec 3rd and 4th - An ACTUAL FUNNY Political Satire - w/EXCELLENT REVIEWS - Get it!" 

Roads&Circuses for free on Amazon!

Add Roads&Circuses to your Goodreads!

I'll blog you later, my loves!

~ Kailei

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