Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cover Reveal And Giveaway: Magic of the Gargoyles

Cover reveal: Magic of the Gargoyles

One of my new favorite authors redid the cover of one of her books (Magic of the Gargoyles)! I reviewed three of her books here on the blog, A Fistful of Evil, A Fistful of Fire, and Tiny Glitches. You can read all of my reviews by clicking the titles! We hope you love the new cover as much as we do! ~ Kailei

Mika Stillwater is a mid-level earth elemental with ambitions of becoming a quartz artisan, and her hard work is starting to get noticed. But when a panicked baby gargoyle bursts into her studio, insisting Mika is the only person she’ll trust with her desperate mission, Mika’s carefully constructed five-year plan is shattered.

Swept into the gritty criminal underworld of Terra Haven, Mika must jeopardize everything she’s worked so hard for to save the baby gargoyle from the machinations of a monster—and to stay alive…

Rebecca Chastain is the international bestselling fantasy author of A FISTFUL OF EVIL, A FISTFUL OF FIRE, and MAGIC OF THE GARGOYLES. She has found seven four-leaf clovers to date, won a purebred Arabian horse in a drawing, and once tamed a blackbird for a day. Dreaming up the absurd and writing stories designed to amuse and entertain has been her passion since she was eleven years old. She lives in Northern California with her wonderful husband and three bossy cats.

MAGIC OF THE GARGOYLES can be found at:
Her Website

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