Monday, May 30, 2016

Book Review: Risk (Alexis Ferguson )

By: Alexis Ferguson
Genres: Fantasy

If you found out you have spent your life living a lie, what would you do: cry, be angry, or live as if nothing has changed? Jade has lived most of her life believing the lie that her father was dead, but now that she knows that lie may soon become true- that her father is not only alive but will die at any minute-what would she do to stop it? Go Despite all that her father had done, all he had killed, she has to go to save him before he actually dies. She has to leave her home, Earth, to go to the home of her kind, Mahgiria. But she knows there will be great risks. Being the result of an illegal act, her stepping foot in the Mahgic Realm alone will automatically put her, and her brother Ayden, at risk of being captured and confined for life. She knows the sacrifices. To leave her family, her friends, and her one and only true love, Payge, possibly giving up her life for a man who may not deserve it. As Jade goes on her journey, making and breaking promises, she finds herself having more questions than answers. Not to mention a power crazed uncle who's hell bent on taking everything she loves away from her, including Earth. Determined to do things on her own, Jade eventually realizes that she is going to need help from others now more than ever. But will it be enough?

So, I've been putting off this review for several days because my mom decided to tell me that I will be writing this authors first ever review.....You NEVER visit their blogs or personal facebook pages or instagrams when you're about to review! Never, it makes you feel like a horrible, horrible person.

Let me start by saying that the potential is totally there, it honestly is. Risk has the potential to be huge. The writing style and voice is unique. It envelopes you with flowing sentences and characters you can easily relate to.

....With that being said, this book just wasn't for me. I think that someone younger than I am would really enjoy it. I question every plot point and every decision the character is having to make, it's just part of what I do, but someone who doesn't read so much into it would probably write a very different review than the one you're reading now.

Some people like books that others hate...there's someone out there that would really enjoy Risk and see it as everything it is and can be...I'm so sorry, but that person that just isn't me.

 I might try again in the future, when I have more time to really fall into this book.

I really wish Alexis luck in getting more reviews, as well as with all of her works!

As always, the links will be below.

Keep your noses in the pages, my lovelies, and I'll blog you later.

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