Friday, June 03, 2016

Book Review: The Taming of Jenesa (J Michael Storm)

The Taming of Jenesa
by: J Michael Storm

Genres: Erotica, Horror, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Intrigue, Adult
**This book contains strong sexual content**

There are predators all around us. Some of them are quite easy to spot, they are monsters that look like monsters. However there are some, quite a few in fact, that have the skills, the cunning, intellect and manipulative ability to perpetrate their malevolence within a shroud of perpetual anonymity. Bobby and Keri Allen are such predators. Cloaked in a veil of the ordinary and the mundane, they are in reality, the most implacable and loathsome of things.
For years they’ve hunted their prey with naked lust, taking advantage of the helpless, the discarded, the lonely or sometimes, just the careless or the unlucky. Possessed of an unwavering perseverance, meticulous precision and skill and fueled with a voracious appetite whose malign sexual greed is boundless, they pluck hapless victims with heartless impunity.
But their lordship over their hunting grounds may soon be over. Something or someone has been watching them! Their stalking has come to the attention of another predator, this one, perhaps, even more dangerous and resourceful than themselves and this interloper has penetrated deep into their highly protected and secured sanctuaries, threatening their exposure and an end to their deviant sexual reign!

We, at CommonBookSense, take pride in knowing that we don't turn books down based specifically on their genre. We know how hard it is for Indie authors to get the recognition that they deserve, and for that reason alone, we often find ourselves stepping outside of our comfort zones to provide reviews for something that we wouldn't necessarily read. Since starting our blog, I can personally say that I find myself skimming over the genres listed, and focus more on the content of the blurb. It's simple, if it catches my eye, I agree to provide a review.  The Taming of Jenesa wasn't an exception.

This book has done something that many have tried and has almost rendered me speechless. I try to adhere to the "if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" premise, but it's my job to let you guys know my thoughts on what I've read...I hope you're ready for this one!

One would think that this book, titled 'The Taming of Jenesa,' would be focused on "taming Jenesa," but she was little more than a passing thought until well into the second half of this horribly vile story. Even then, there was no taming involved. The main characters, Bobby and Keri Allen, have a secret life that involves preying upon the weak. They get off by spending their free time manipulating, abusing, and raping anyone who catches their eye. Who the hell does that?!?!?!? I get that people are into different forms of kink, but I'm completely turned off by anything that involves unwilling participants. I am by no means a prudish person, but for the love of all things holy, are these people for real? Better yet, why would someone want to write about such things...?

If I find myself reading something that I don't really enjoy, I typically begin to focus more on the writing style, so that I may at least have something positive to say when writing my review, but in this case the content was just too overpowering. When these monsters weren't seeking out/torturing their next victim, chapters were spent inside the dreams of Keri, which were full of some really strange sci-fi sexual shit. Weird.

After taking a couple moments to mourn the brain cells that committed suicide while I forced myself to finish this book, I plan on spending the next couple days reading something that's worth my time...and yours.  

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