Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book Review: Amelia's Children (Greta Cribbs)

Amelia's Children
by: Greta Cribbs

Genres: Paranormal, Mystery

In 1985 Amelia Davis is brutally murdered in the woods outside of Laurel Hill. Her killer is never caught. Thirty years later, David Jenson comes to town on what he calls “personal business”, though he won’t tell anyone what that business is. Could he have some connection to the town’s most infamous cold case? 

Sarah Hathaway has just returned to her hometown in the wake of a failed acting career. When she meets David she is immediately drawn to him, but it is the mystery of what exactly brought him to Laurel Hill that keeps her up at night. Determined to find the answer, she embarks on a journey into the unknown that will change her life forever. Along the way she discovers truths about Amelia’s death that prove more sinister than anyone ever could have imagined. 

I'm always hesitant when I pick up a book that falls into the paranormal genre.  I am a firm believer that there can be too much paranormal content in a book, and I have a really hard time wrapping my head around some of the craziness that can be found in the majority of the books in this particular genre.....which means that I tend to avoid anything labeled as "paranormal" like the plague.  On the rare occasion that I pick one up, I force myself to wait until I've reached the end to decide which way my review will go.  Sooooooo, here it is. 

Amelia's Children was GREAT!  In fact, I have no doubt that having read it will make me a little less hesitant when the time comes for me to pick up the next paranormal book on my TBR list.  David Jenson's "personal business" takes readers on a wild journey back in time, as well as, answers questions that no one in Laurel Hill ever thought they'd get resolved.  I know that I say this often, but this was one of those books that are hard to put down.  Life would be so much easier if I could figure out a way to pause real life so that I could spend a little more time emerged in awesome reads like this one.

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