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Book Review: The Spectra Unearthed (Christie Valentine Powell)

The Spectra Unearthed
by Christie Valentine Powell
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Keita thought that being a princess was nothing but trouble even before the power-hungry Stygians took over the Spectra kingdoms. Now she’s on the run, hunted at every turn, and able to trust only a few other royal exiles. Of course she’d like to make her life safe again, but standing up to the Stygians means confronting Jasper Smelt. A former friend, Jasper insists he wants nothing more to keep her safe, but his pitch-black dungeon and fiery threats suggest otherwise. 

With help from her friends, Keita escapes, but there is no safe place for former princesses. Banding together despite their different cultures, the girls head into Jasper’s desert kingdom. They soon find themselves in the middle of a conflict between the Stygians and a small rebel group. Hanging in the balance is a colony of children abandoned for having abilities different than their families. Keita wants to help, and she hates feeling helpless. But how can she face Jasper, someone with abilities she couldn’t begin to fight, someone constantly seeking her out, someone who fears everything…except her?

This book was really good! It was really unique, too. Sprites and Nomes and everything?? So cool. I liked the map at the beginning, as well. It really helps readers picture the world like it was meant to be pictured.

I liked that the author didn't really explain anything to you, and no, no I'm not being sarcastic. The introduction of the character Sienna allowed the main characters to explain things in such a way that you only learned stuff when it pertained to the plot. No information overload.

I'm usually not a fan of books that take place on another world (Like the Hobbit. I'm sorry I loved them and my family calls me 'Hobbit', but the books were a hard read for me) because I have such a hard time seeing the world. I didn't have that issue here, even though they may be on our planet. I always had a clear picture of my surroundings.

There's not much more to say other than, if you like the fantasy, R. R. Tolkien stuff, you really should give these books a try. They're unique and fun to become a part of! Someone of any age will find themselves rooting for Sienna and the princesses!

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Keep your noses in the pages, my loves! I'll blog you later!!

What did you guys think of the last Hobbit movie?

My answer:
I think it could have been better, honestly. The other two were much better. I know it probably followed the books, but still.
I never read the Hobbit/LOTR books. I didn't know they existed until I was older and by then it was already Harry Potter obsession time, so I didn't really get into them. I think too much to envision another world.
You'll hate me for this, but I did really like the movies.

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