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Book Review: A Fistful of Fire: book two in the Illuminant Enforcer Series (Rebecca Chastain)

A Fistful of Fire
By: Rebecca Chastain
Genres: Paranormal/Fantasy
 (Urban Fantasy, Magic)

Madison Fox survived her first week as California’s newest illuminant enforcer, defending her region against imps, vervet, hounds, and one lascivious demon. If her grumpy boss, Mr. Pitt, was impressed, he hasn’t told Madison. In fact, there’s a lot her boss has been closemouthed about, including the dark secret haunting his past.

But Madison’s problems are just igniting. Neighboring regions report an uncharacteristic flare-up of evil, fire-breathing salamanders blaze unchecked across the city, and Black Friday looms. Trapped doing cleanup amid mobs of holiday shoppers, Madison watches from the sidelines as dubious allies insinuate themselves in her region.

As suspicions kindle and the mysterious evil gains strength, Madison must determine who she can trust—and whose rules to follow—before her region and career go up in flames.

Sizzling with adventure and sparking with magic, A FISTFUL OF FIRE is fused with Madison Fox’s trademark blend of humor and ass-kicking action.

After much, much begging, I finally convinced my mom to renew our KindleUnlimited so that I could read A Fistful of Fire, I couldn't even wait 1.4 days for the author to reply to my email (she was VERY nice, that's important, ya know?).

I would be lying if I said that I haven't been stalling with this review. If I write it, it means that I really haven't the next book..that it's time to move on to the next requested book and try to pull myself out of Madison's world..And that's just not something I'm quite ready to do. I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF HER DATE FAILS! Ugh, the book was over 400 pages long, but it just wasn't enough! I need more Madison and Niko! Whyyyyyyyyy?! *slowly slides onto floor and dies*

Okay, now that I'm almost done crying/dying, let's get down to business..; A Fistful of Fire started off nearly just where A Fistful of Evil left off...only we don't know whether or not Mr. Pitt was mad at Madison, but that's okay because he's always mad about something.

Basically, some crazy shizzlewizzle went down. You wouldn't even BUH-LEVE what Madison and poor Mr. Pitt are put through in this book! It was so crazy. I got to 80% and I looked at mother and I said "There isn't enough time! Too much has happened..Not ENOUGH has happened! There aren't enough percentages left for the things to properly play out...I can't deal with a cliff-hanger right now." .......Yes, I realize 'percentages' isn't the proper word, but we're allowed to be improper sometimes. *swings arms* This is a no-judge zone...well....a no-judge-Kailei's-improper-word-usage-zone...because all we do here is judge..but that's books..so..Annyyywayyyy.....onward and forward!

With my heightened romance detectors, I can sense the beginnings of a love triangle...oh boy, oh boy, I haven't been this excited for a love-triangle since Twilight ruined them for me! (a.k.a fifth grade) And I realllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hope that she and Niko get together. Listen, I even have a logical reason for how and why they should be/are going to end up together...Are you ready for this? Oh..you're not? Okay, I'll just..wait here, I guess? Until you're ready for this..

Ready now? Great!  So, Madison CAN'T date Dr. Love because, while she's liked him since ever, she can't tell him her secret! Duh! I mean, c'mon guys, it's so obvious! She can't tell him that she can see souls; he'd think she's mental...especially if he makes Jaime mad...*whistles* we are not even gonna go there. And Madison and Niko are probably gonna have to spend  lots of time together because she has so much to learn and Mr. Pitt trusts them together and they can already know the soul secret and Niko is soooooooooooooooooo pretty....Okay, I'm sorry, I'm rambling....

Okay, before I close this off, I really need to say that I adore Jaime, and Niko, in case you didn't know, but Val is honestly my most favorite thing ever...I want one SO bad! He's so sassy, I love him.

Seriously, overall, this book went by way too fast (which is a good sign), but it was just as good, if not better, than the first book. You watch the characters develop, and meet some new..and complex/so rude characters. I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on the next book....BUT IT'S  NOT OUT UNTIL THE FALL I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG NOOOO...I may have to reread them *sigh*.

And, and, and, THE COVER ART IS SO GOOD! I mean, I'm known to be a cover-buyer, and the covers for-sure catch your attention....and that's all it takes..well..and the book sounding good, but these do, so it's perfect!

Anywhoo, the links will be below, per-usual.

Do you guys like what we've done with the place? Hmm? Hmm? Nice, huh? We're planning on some scenic changes in the near future, so be prepared for some cool things to happen!

Keep your noses in those pages! I'll blog you lovelies later!

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