Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Author Spotlight: P.S. Malcom

Author of Stuck on Vacation with Ryan Rupert

When did you start writing?
From the moment I learnt to write.  I was actually writing stories before I   could write words, but in the shapes of ‘squiggles’ and ‘pictures’ and I used to verbally explain the stories to people.
Do you have any writing rituals?
Not really, but I do write better in the evening, so I do have a habit of preventing myself from writing until it gets late.
What’s your all time favorite book?
I have no idea.  There are so, so many books that I love, all for different reasons.  I could never pick just one.
What is one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?
My age.  I look way younger than I am and I dislike wearing makeup, so I look even younger.  I’m 18, but people often think that I’m 14.
Where did the inspiration for Stuck on Vacation with Ryan Rupert come from?
When I went on holiday to an island with a friend a few years ago, I had a massive crush on this guy who I knew would never like me.  I kept thinking about how ironic it would be if I ran into him and how a relationship could have blossomed.  I quickly realized the story was actually pretty decent, and I could easily reshape it into an actual novel, and include some of the actual events from the holiday in the novel.  Alas--Ryan Rupert was born!

Are any of the characters based off of anyone in your personal life?
Aubany is strongly based off of myself...especially fear wise….but she is ten times more exaggerated.  Ryan is only based off of someone look wise...that same crush I mentioned.
What’s something that we can look forward to in book #2?
A death. *smiles innocently*

Stuck on Vacation with Ryan Rupert releases today!
BLURB: Aubany Winters' life soon becomes a nightmare when her mum gets cancer and has to leave for California with her dad. Left with her neighbours, the Ruperts, and to her displeasure, their son Ryan, she finds herself forced to tag along on their family vacation to Nula Island. There's just a few problems, like her fear of the ocean, her and Ryan's mutual hatred for each other, and the psycho girl who is trying to kill them. 

Will Aubany overcome her fears? Will she and Ryan ever stop hating each other? Or will their flaws and disagreements lead them right into the enemy's hands?


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