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Book Review: The Felix Chronicles: Freshman *book one in the Felix Chronicles Series* (R.T. Lowe)

The Felix Chronciles: Freshman
By: R.T. Lowe
Genres: Fantasy (Urban Fantasy), New Adult, Fiction

Reeling from a terrible accident that claimed the lives of his parents, Felix arrives at Portland College hoping only to survive the experience. In time, however, his reality star roommate shows him there is more to higher education than just classes, shared bathrooms and bad dorm food, and Felix gradually dares to believe he can put his past behind him. But a fateful storm looms on the horizon: In the nearby woods, two hikers become the latest victims in a series of gruesome murders; a disfigured giant embarks on a vicious cross-country rampage, killing teenagers who fail his 'test'; and an ancient society of assassins tasked with eradicating the wielders of a mysterious source of power awakens after a long silence. Only one man--the school's groundskeeper--knows that the seemingly unrelated events are connected, and that an eighteen-year-old boy stands in the center of the storm.
**This book contains some mature language and a small bit of content that may not be suitable for all audiences**

I hope you guys enjoyed the blog tours we hosted yesterday. It was a new experience for us, and it was kinda awesome.....anyways, I will let you guys read the review!....

This review is going to be really hard for me...I've been putting it off for more than a month, but I told myself that if I didn't finish this book by last week (oops) that I'd post a review, whether I wanted to or not. 

.....The Felix Chronicles; Freshmen was requested via author. We were offered a copy of it in exchange for an honest review....

Oh god, I really hate this part. 

If I am totally honest, if this book wasn't requested by an author, I would have probably set it down before chapter three...But I pushed on and TRIED to finish the book. As someone who never spends more than a week reading any given book, I can say that this book really made my average go up.....I ended up spending over two months reading The Felix Chronicles.

When I read the blurb (provided in the author's email), I was all for it! I was so excited to pick up this book.

In the beginning chapters, you're surrounded by medieval Sourcers (i love the way that's spelled). When I very first discovered were I was, I was skeptical, but I pushed on. I ended up telling my mom how amazing the new book I was reading was. The first chapters of the book were extremely well written, descriptive and overall very great. But I kept feeling like I was just MISSING a huge chunk of the plot line, a pertinent piece of information. As I continued reading I kept asking myself "What did  I miss?! Did I skip a page and miss where they described what was happening?? Where did go wrong?" Still, I pushed on.

The author switched between character P.O.Vs a lot, which, by this point in my reading "career" I am very used to it, but I'd be lying if I said that, that  paired with the fact that I was missing a huge plot section, didn't confuse the bajeezus out of me.

I've said in an earlier review (I'll find it and link it at the bottom of the post) that I HATE it when plots have to wait 1,982  pages to fully develop (that's my favorite number, by the was!). I have a list of books to read that's three miles long. If a book doesn't pull me in, I'll go and find one that will. But I felt obligated to finish reading author trusted us with their book..they CHOSE us out of all the book reviewers available, and I felt obligated to finish reading their book.....but I didn't.

This book wasn't all that bad, though. The plot, once you know where the plot was like a very difficult game of "Where's Waldo?", was very well thought out. I feel like the overall idea of the book was terrific! You get a little bit of a background in the beginning, which was nice, but it wasn't enough to make you know what exactly was going on. The characters were decently interesting..Felix's best friend is a little suspicious, in my opinion, and Felix has some difficulties to deal with, thought the book, but you can see him coming out of his shell.

I feel like all of the people (you know how many there are because you switch P.O.Vs) are somehow intertwined..I just didn't read quite far enough to figure it out..(I read the book to about 72%).

Okay, so my overall thoughts on the book would be...It was very well thought out, and the idea of the plot was great, but, for me, it was just missing the "pulls you in and won't let you go" factor. I feel like it may have been because too much was happening at once. Every time it switched characters, I was so confused that I couldn't fully enjoy the book...I was spending too much time trying to figure out who's mind I was in at that very moment. If you're good with keeping up with lots of people, and like the mysteriousness, read it! Try it out! You may not be disappointed. There may come I day when I pick this book back up....but I'm sad to say that it won't be today.

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