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Book Review: Save An Angel's Kiss For Me (Joanie Chevalier)

Save An Angel's Kiss For Me
By: Joanie Chevalier
Genre: Young Adult

         After 12-year old Mar’s father unfortunately dies in a car crash during the Christmas holidays, she not only has to recuperate, but also has to live with her mentally ill mother without the calming presence of her beloved dad. Fast forward three years and Mar is now 15-years old. Because Mar had blocked out her dad’s death, she’s never really admitted to herself that he’s gone forever, let alone acknowledged or visited his gravesite. She suddenly decides to take a 14-hour journey on a Greyhound bus to finally visit her dad’s grave and to face the truth: that her dad is really gone. Will Mar finally get the closure she so desperately seeks?      
This is a touching short story about grief, loss, acceptance and forgiveness. It’s about the comfort of a gifted Christmas angel. It’s about the miracle of healing and unconditional love.


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Okay, before we can get to the good stuff...*We were offered a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

I opened this book late last the other night, thinking that it'd be something like Hush, Hush, but I was pleasantly surprised when it was nothing like Hush, Hush....which I was kind of happy about because I get annoyed when a book is the same as another book. (You can see my Hush, Hush review here).

You follow Mar, a sad twelve year old girl, as she and her mom try to find a good way to live without her father. Joanie does an amazing job of helping the readers understand the pain that Mar is going through.  She has her own, unique way of dealing with it. Between her mother's issues, and losing the only person that seemed to care for her, it's totally understandable. Joanie touches your heart in just under 50 pages, which is honestly a very hard thing to do. She did a very, very good job at, not only, keeping it short and sweet, but making a story meaningful, which is something lots of authors can't do in 500 pages, let alone 50. It was honestly impressive...If it was a longer book, I still would be writing this review because the author is VERY good at pulling you in, and, if she were to send in more books for a review, I wouldn't hesitate to say yes. (I've looked at her Goodreads, and you can read more stories about Mar....if you go to her Goodreads 'page' here.)

The story is clear from the very beginning. There's no guessing what the plot is, no crinkling your nose as you read because you have no idea what's happening. It was beautiful in its simplicity, and sometimes, that's all you ask from a book. For it to be good, and for it to be easily understood.

Save An Angels Kiss For me was a really good "I can't sleep, so I'll just read a book because it relaxes me" book because, even though it was interesting, it was short enough that you can read it and then still have a decent amount of sleep time without wondering how the ending will turn out.

I've heard/read people describe it as a "good pool-side read" but I, personally, wouldn't know because I actually SWIM in a pool...and it's winter here.....but I think that's a good way to describe it.

I feel like I owe you guys a better review than this, but it really was just a nice, short read. And I'm not one who really reads short books....I get too attached to characters (i'd be lying if I said I didn't like it), but I enjoyed it.

It's the first book that I've picked up and actually finished reading....which is really kind of sad, but it's just how things be!

Overall, it was a really good book! It had a meaningful message behind it, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. If you're looking for a quick read that will leave you feeling very satisfied, this is it! Pick up Save An Angel's Kiss For Me because, whoever you are, and whatever you enjoy reading, I honestly do not doubt that this book will not disappoint you.

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