Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Thoughts on..The Fifth Wave Movie

My thoughts on...The Fifth Wave movie...

Hello, my lovely readers! I'm kinda back! I have been in a huge reading rut lately, but I think I have found a book to bring me back into the wonderful world of literature (Thanks to my boyfriend, who is making me read it). So yay!

Okay, before I start this, I must tell you that this is going to be a new segment on the blog. Instead of "Rant-a-Poluza" we're going to do this....mostly because we couldn't figure out anything to rant about, and also because this is a much, much broader thing ( i couldn't find the word), so we could talk about book covers, or movie adaptation, or anything. AnYwAy, let's get to it!

Alright, my dears, as you may know (i hope you know), I read and reviewed The Fifth Wave here on the blog...a while ago, actually, and i FREAKING LOVE IT! Oh my gosh, I'll link the review at the bottom of this post so you guys can read it.

I saw the movie this last Saturday, I went with my family -- both my parents, as well as my brother--and my boyfriend. And it was weird because it was very short, but it also dragged on a bit? If that makes ANY sense.

There were a few things that were just...wrong (i'd make a noise and Brian (boyfriend) would look at me and say "how wrong is it?"). And I felt like people watching it without reading the book would be slightly confused, as to what was happening, because you didn't get all of the little informational bits. Like when she stayed at Evan's for a while, or while they were in a refugee camp (And the adults died wrong (spoilers, sorry)), and you didn't get hardly any information at the military base. I just feel like it could have been a little better....My brother said it must have been a low-budget film, and, if it was, then they did a really good job.

Overall, it wasn't a bad movie, at all. It mostly stayed true to the book, which makes me a very happy person. If you haven't read the book, you really should, it was a VERY good book, as was the second one! I would recommend reading it before watching the movie because I watched Maze Runner before reading the book and it made the book not appealing to me when actually I attempted to read it (which, ik it makes me a horrible person, but what can ya do?)

The Fifth Wave book review

I hope you enjoyed that, and, if you did, please, please tell me. I don't wanna post things that you lovelies hate. It's OUR blog, so tell me!

I am going to update our navigation menu at the top, to make finding our extra little things slightly easier, so  stay tuned to that later today, perhaps (i have it coded already, I just need a few more pages made and things), but yes! Very excited for that! I'm reading a book that's short by my standards, right now, so you should see me with a review soon! Also! I GOT NEW BOOKS!! Yay! If you guys want us to show you when we get new books, let me know, because I'd love to show them to you guys! I love new books. Such beautiful, expensive little things.

I will blog you later, lovelies! Carpe Librum! <3

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