Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Book Review: At First, You Hear the Silence (Mark Fuller Dillon)

At First, You Hear the Silence
by: Mark Fuller Dillon

Genres: Fantasy (Modern Fantasy), Dark,Young Adult

At thirteen, Philippe can see his father trapped in a world of secrets and silence, a world with no place for honesty or courage. But when the walls of that world fall apart, and something from outside breaks in, the silence becomes a warning shout... and Philippe will be tested in ways his father could never imagine. This is a dark modern fantasy, suitable for Young Adult to Adult readers.

Originally, mother (a.k.a Shell) was the first one to read this book. Now, just let me say that she is for sure NOT one who enjoys anything fantasy. She avoids it like the plague. She's nothing against it; it's just not something she enjoys....just like I prefer fantasy books over, say, historical fiction. Despite her aversion to fantasy books, I convinced her to read this one. It was short, so it didn't require much convincing... The next morning, she looked at me and said "No. You have to read this because it was super weird and my review will be mean." And also because I'm in the middle of a long-ish book, but it's my review day...
So, here we are!

She wasn't lying, At First, You Hear The Silence was splendidly weird! It was very out-of-the-box. Crazy demon birds? Talk about nightmare-inducing.....I hate birds...Really, they're creepy.

To top it off, the story was very well written and short. I imagine it'd be great to read around a fire with marshmallows...It's just that kind of story. I actually read it in under an hour, but I'm a notoriously fast reader.

I read it to the very end, where the author talked about the people who proofread the story...and I agree that the main character is still a bit too young for how I personally pictured him...but I have a habit of automatically picturing people my age. I do think that it was a bit odd that the parents left a 13 year old boy in charge of the farm, if only for a night...or care more about what people think than the kid's well-being...It annoyed me; "What will the neighbors think?" That's a crap excuse for not handling your problems, sir.

It'd be super creepy to get tons of notes in my mailbox warning me about demon birds! I would probably move to another country (I have before, so you know I'm serious).

At one point, it was slightly hard to follow (the part about blood...You'll know when you get there), but other than that it was good! Mother wants me to think it's a bad kind of weird so she doesn't feel left out, but I actually liked it.

However, just like the genre, it isn't for everyone!

As alwaysss, the links shall be below, if you wanna check the book out for yo'self. 
Keep your noses in the pages, my lovelies! I'll blog you laterr.

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