Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Book Review: Where Death Is a Hunter (Christopher Stookey)

Where Death Is a Hunter
by:  Christopher Stookey
                                                                      Genres:  Mystery, Thriller

Hannah Fâtier is a thirty-two-year-old physician fresh out of residency training. She’s just started her first job as an anesthesiologist at Deaconess Hospital in San Francisco, she’s bought a new home, and she’s engaged to be married.

In short, life is good for Hannah--until, one morning at work, tragedy strikes. A patient under her care dies unexpectedly during a routine operation. An investigation into the case reveals the cause of death to be a basic medical error committed by Hannah. Wracked with guilt, Hannah falls into a malaise of depression and self-reproach. Yet the more she ponders her alleged “error,” the more she realizes that something about the way her patient died doesn’t add up. Digging deeper into the records of the case, Hannah discovers a number of puzzling inconsistencies. She begins to suspect that someone has framed her for a medical mistake she never made. But who would do such a thing and why? And, more importantly, if there was no medical error, then why did her patient really die that morning on the operating table?
Where Death Is a Hunter is a medical mystery dealing with hospital death, betrayal, one doctor’s self-doubt, and the search for redemption.


I am usually not the type to typically enjoy, or even crack open a medical thriller, but I was asked to post a guest review and thought I'd give a new genre a shot.  Although it took a few chapters to really grab my attention this book was well worth reading. After the first few chapters of introduction and build up to the plot, I found my eyes were no longer moving across the words on the pages methodically, but instead I was transported to the world of the main character, Dr. Hannah Fâtier. I found this book to be very well written, and was excited to learn that the author has another book of the same genre. I will definitely be reading it next, and I recommend this one as a must read for anyone, especially those who love a good medical thriller.

The only negative thing I could find about the book is the title, which even after reading the book, still does not seem to fit the story.

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