Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Book Review: Taking Flight (Colleen Young)

Taking Flight
By: Colleen Young

Genre: Romance, Comedy, New Adult

The trouble with growing up is that you have to figure out who you want to be… 

As if moving out of her parents' house and away from her hometown wasn’t scary enough, Cory Sorrano finds herself at Southern Gulf University not knowing a soul on campus. She is chasing her childhood dreams of becoming a female pilot in the male-dominated aviation industry and already feeling the pressure to succeed. 

On the first day of class, Cory quite literally bumps into Samson Wallis, a fellow Aviation major who is easy on the eyes but has an equally gorgeous girlfriend back home in Virginia. As the two help each other navigate through the ups and downs of their freshman year in college, people around them can’t help but notice their unmistakable chemistry. 

As Cory struggles to understand her magnetic friendship with Samson, she also needs to make sense of her complicated relationship with her dark and mysterious flight instructor, Cole Turner. Will she ever be able to make it as a female pilot with all of these handsome distractions surrounding her?
**We were given a free copy, of this book, in exchange for the following honest review**

What can I say about Taking Flight, by Colleen Young...... 

This is a hard review to write.

This was a good read.  I really enjoyed the story line, and it was easy to follow and easy to picture the characters.  I read it in a day and a half, I simply couldn't put it down. But, when it got towards the end the main character was finally going to choose which man she wanted to be with.
So I thought......

The ending was very confusing.
Did I miss something? 

Why would she stop there? 

These are the things I was asking myself, I even went back to the beginning and then back to the end of the book. It just didn't make sense. 

All I can say is I hope there is a sequel or continuation of these characters in the second book, because there was no clear ending for me. If she does write a sequel to this one I would definitely read it to get some closure.  

This is going to drive me crazy.

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