Saturday, April 02, 2016

Updates and Excuses...

Hey, guys! I feel like I should explain why there haven't been hardly any reviews this week...Monday and Tuesday I had doctors appointments for some health issues I've been having (nothing too serious), so they scheduled my appointments on Monday and Tuesday...Then they had a crazy hard time drawing my blood (They stuck me 5 times and sent me to two different places), and then I had to get some we were gone all day Tuesday. And then my new medicine makes me crazy dizzy..and I can't focus on books when I'm dizzy (unless I want to vomit..which I don't). And thennn Friday and today is because I've not been able to read (dizziness), as well as the fact that today's my sixteenth birthday! I don't FEEL sixteen, but ya know, it's kinda a big deal to some peoples.

We also have another guest author! She's currently reading a book to review for us...which is fun! She's a family member, so she's very reliable. You guys can expect to virtually meet her soonish!

Anywayysss, we made an author interview form, so we're going to have LOTS of author interviews coming up soon! Which is going to be SUPER fun. If you're an author you can find and answer those questions here.

Alsooo, if you're an author, we have a newsletter specifically for AUTHORS, which you can sign up for here. All you need is your email and your name! Super easy. You'll get emails that let you know when we're accepting cover reveal requests, giveaway 'requests', and other cool things we want to do that involves you guys! If you've sent us a review request, you're already on the list. If you're not comfortable clicking random links, go ahead and comment your email (or dm us on twitter or facebook) and we will manually add you! You can sign up for our normal newsletter, too. It just pops up on the blog.

Okay, anyway. I hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

I'll blog you lovelies later! <3

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