Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Book Review: Halversham (R.S. Anthony)

by: R.S. Anthony

Genres: Mystery, Thriller

With his mother dead and his father jetting off on yet another business trip, fifteen-year-old Andy Monaghan can't stand the thought of spending summer alone in the city. Instead, he seeks a few weeks of solace in the place his mother loved the most: the rural town of Halversham where his father was raised.

No sooner does Andy arrive in Halversham than he hears of strange incidents occurring in town, including a few too close for comfort. Before long, Andy is reluctantly reeled into a chain of events that quickly darken the rose-colored glasses he's been wearing for his mother's beloved country getaway.

Finding out who's responsible for Halversham's many tragedies becomes Andy's main priority. As he reconnects with his father's family and dives deeper into the mysteries surrounding the town, he finds that even his own may not be safe from trouble. Is he willing to  risk everything to  uncover the truth of Halversham's dark secrets, and protect the people he loves?
Oh my goodness, guys. This book was so amazing.

Honestly, I was slightly bored in the beginning, but only because I'm feeling like reading a fantasy book, but I was so surprised by it. As soon as I woke up after finishing it I made my mom sit down with me so I could tell her all about it.

The author's writing was spectacular, even though I felt like she may have described some things in such a way that you forgot that you were in the 21st century, but it spoke to the feel of Halversham.

Other than that...holy cow, this book completely flipped me around. I don't even know what to say to stop myself from spoiling anything -- I've written this review three times!

Okay, all you guys need to know is that you MUST read this book. It is SO, SO, SO worth it. You'll get chills, and be sick with disgust (at the characters, not the author), and just be amazingly shocked and confused...Just read it.

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