Monday, June 13, 2016

Book Review: Mother (Tamara Thorne & Alistair Cross)

by: Tamara Thorne &Alistair Cross

Genre: Psychological Thriller

A Girl’s Worst Nightmare is Her Mother ...
Priscilla Martin. She’s the diva of Morning Glory Circle and a driving force in the quaint California town of Snapdragon. Overseer of garage sales and neighborhood Christmas decorations, she is widely admired. But few people know the real woman behind the perfectly coiffed hair and Opium perfume.

Family is Forever. And Ever and Ever ...
No one escapes Prissy’s watchful eye. No one that is, except her son, who committed suicide many years ago, and her daughter, Claire, who left home more than a decade past and hasn’t spoken to her since. But now, Priscilla’s daughter and son-in-law have fallen on hard times. Expecting their first child, the couple is forced to move back … And Prissy is there to welcome them home with open arms … and to reclaim her broken family.

The Past Isn’t Always as Bad as You Remember.
Sometimes it’s Worse ...
Claire has terrible memories of her mother, but now it seems Priscilla has mended her ways. When a cache of vile family secrets is uncovered, Claire struggles to determine fact from fiction, and her husband, Jason, begins to wonder who the monster really is. Lives are in danger - and Claire and Jason must face a horrifying truth … a truth that may destroy them … and will forever change their definition of “Mother.”

Okay, before I start my actual review, I should probably make a confession. I am not a fan of psychological thrillers, which is crazy considering I went to school for many years to obtain my MS in Psychology. Often times, I find myself over-analyzing, instead of simply enjoying the book....soooooo I typically avoid most things that hint at having a psychological foundation. This is one instance that I'm glad to have gone against my "better" judgement.

I feel like we all probably have that one (those of you with only one should consider yourselves lucky) family member with a few loose screws, but Priscilla Martin, "Prissy" will make most of our's look like saints. As I flipped through the pages, of Mother I found myself sympathizing with Claire, screaming at Jason, cringing at what Prissy might do next, and laughing at the antics of Babs Vandercooth (one of several awesome neighbors).

This book was full of riveting twists and turns, and just when you think that there couldn't be another surprise you'll be proven wrong. Mother is a must read that will make your family's level of crazy seem not so bad.
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