Friday, June 10, 2016

Book Review: Mount Everest (Jim Meirose)

Mount Everest
by: Jim Meirose

genres: Literary Fiction

Christine Zidar is a woman plagued by voices visions and delusions, but manages to keep her “business” together for a number of years, until she is suddenly forced to deal with the fact that her hoarder Mother with whom she lives has had their house condemned and she and Christine are forced with eviction.


Can I just say 'wow'?  This is one of those reviews that I've put off until nearly (but not quite) the last minute, because I just don't know what to say....but I'll try my best.

 It was so strange, but so good. The author's conscious decision to omit quotation marks really spoke to the mental state of his main character. It was definitely a risk worth taking. The entire structure of the story constantly reminded you that you were in the mind of a mentally unstable person. I could for sure see her degrading, which I think speaks a lot about the author's ability to alter his voice to that of his characters. You never FELT like she was normal (but when is a main character normal?), and even if you were fooled for a second, you were bounced right back by one of her episodes.

This story made me feel FEELINGS, which is what good books should do. While I admit that many of those feelings were confusion (the good kind), the characters made me ANGRY at times. Why didn't they just clean the stupid house?! How could her mother do that to her?? I mean, the whole book just pulls you in. You get angry and confused with Christine and what on earth is going on in her head, but you want to know what the whole thing is leading up to. And let me tell you, you will be asking yourself "??why??" for a few days after finishing this work of art.

Now, I haven't read any of Jim's other books, but I haven't a doubt that they will be as well written and amazing as Mount Everest, even though those are some pretty high expectations....Mount Everest high... (sorry about that joke, it's horrible but I'm leaving it)

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