Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book Review: The Marijuana Project (Brian Laslow)

The Marijuana Project
by Brian Laslow
Genres: Mystery, Thriller/Suspense

THE MARIJUANA PROJECT a novel about medicine and morality aka "a security expert’s journey through the ethical weeds." 

Sam Burnett, a savvy security expert, is hiding in the catwalk of a medical marijuana production facility he has been hired to protect, caught in a surveillance plan he never thought he’d face. 

In fact, Sam, a conservative family man who travels the country as a highly sought after security expert, doesn’t even approve of marijuana and wonders why he’s still working there. 

Over the course of two years designing, implementing and operating the entire security program for MedLeaf, Sam faces one moral conflict after another. 

Does he favor using medical marijuana to relieve a variety of physical symptoms, easing anxiety and providing pleasure? 

Or does he see it as an invitation to more serious drug use, mental instability and irresponsible, even dangerous behavior? 

You could call it a security expert’s journey through the ethical weeds. 

At first, Sam realizes that medical marijuana needs to be protected from ending up in the wrong hands and that taking the job means he can be home much more than before. 

But even the positive things Sam learns about medical marijuana are at odds with his religious upbringing and his conservative views about drug use, legal or otherwise. 

When his son’s best friend is killed in a car accident caused by a driver under the influence of medical marijuana, Sam reaches his breaking point and takes matters into his own hands, which leads to a potentially dangerous confrontation with his employers and a group of unknown provocateurs. 

In the end, he must decide if he can personally continue to participate in the protection and perpetuation of this industry. Sam Burnett’s dilemma is similar to that of millions of Americans. His story will resonate for all those struggling to make sense of this changing landscape in our society.
I was intrigued when I initially read this books blurb.  My stand on medical marijuana is the complete opposite of Sam's, and I couldn't wait to envision what it must be like on the other end of the spectrum. 

Sam, a security genius, is a firm believer that marijuana (medical or otherwise) shouldn't be something that is legally sold.  His moral belief is put to the test when he is offered the opportunity to provide security for MedLeaf, a medical marijuana grow facility.  Sam takes us for an unforgettable ride on his moral roller coaster.   

The Marijuana Project was phenomenally written.  Brian Laslow included enough information, to ensure that the readers didn't get lost along the way.  If you're looking for an exciting read, one that shows real moral struggles, then this could possibly be the book for you!

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