Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Book Review: The Realmsic Conquest: The Icon of Earth (Demethius Jackson)

The Realmsic Conquest
by Demethius Jackson
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

The Realmsic Conquest - Book Two. The compelling saga of the world's only magical kingdom continues...

The Realm cannot celebrate peace. War ignites yet again when an advanced enemy invades the kingdom. During the attack, the Realmsic King is critically injured, which unleashes a power that will destroy the kingdom. Only the Icon of Earth – a candle that heals wounds when lit, can save him and the Realm.

Grand Wizard Kelm, the Realmsic Advisor, accepts the responsibility of locating the Icon. But time, and an unknown enemy, are against him.

The Realmsic Conquest was a good book. The characters had variety and didn't lack depth.

You started right off the bat with the action. Within the first five pages the book was in full swing. The characters explained their surroundings and how things worked without long-winded paragraphs explaining the special texture of the dirt. You learned what you needed to learn when you needed to learn it.

I really liked the twist on wizards. The whole goal is always to NOT be compared to Harry Potter, and I never once found myself comparing the two, so goal accomplished.

I liked how Demethius switched sides between the 'bad' guys and the good. It made it interesting to see them race for the Icon.

My only issue with this book was some of the word usage. I felt like maybe Demethius used a thesaurus and picked the bigger words. It made it so the story didn't quite flow like it could have. I'm not telling anyone to dumb their books down, because that's not really my place (and I hate when I'm told that), but a friendly piece of advice would be to cut back. It doesn't have to be very intelligent sounding to be a  good book. Demethius's writing style and characters do all the work on that end. ((edit: I discovered this is the second book. We were not informed of this and I have not read the first. It wasn't hard to follow, nonetheless. I guess I should research more lol))

I like it, my loves! That's all there is to it!

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Have you guys read any wizard-y books? Were they good? Should I check them out?

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  1. I've read the Witch and Wizard series...well, I started it. I never finished the series, but I liked them! I have too many requested books to read, and those take priority!


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