Monday, July 25, 2016

Book Review: Trust Me (Earl Javorsky)

Trust Me
by: Earl Javorsky

Genres: Psychological, Suspense

Jeff Fenner’s life is out of control. At the nadir of a rocky, sometimes-up-usually-down career, he has finally come face-to-face with his demons: he’s being investigated by the police, he owes money to the wrong people, and he sees an empty future shutting down in front of him.

When Jeff hears that his sister Marilyn has committed suicide, he refuses to believe she killed herself and he embarks on a tortuous journey toward self-discovery and redemption . . . and toward the beautiful but troubled Holly Barnes. Holly’s own demons have led her to a self-help cult in Beverly Hills called Saving Our Lives (or, perhaps more appropriately, SOL). Through Holly, Jeff learns of a string of apparent suicides eerily similar to his sister’s—and that Holly is the next target.
This book was good and definitely suspenseful, but it was extremely hard to follow.   There were a couple times when I was convinced that I must have missed time I was so convinced that I started reading the book all over again (those of you who follow us were probably wondering why this review was scheduled to post last week and I'm just now getting to it....this would be the reason).  I was wrong.  I hadn't missed anything, I was left with the same feeling of being out of the loop, and I quickly came to the conclusion that finishing this book would be more of a job than I anticipated.  Don't get me wrong, as I said before this really was a good book, it's just the kind that you have to be completely focused on or you're going to miss something.  I found that some of the characters were better developed than others, which was weird considering they would all be labeled as "main characters".  Often times when I'm sitting down to review a "hard-to-review" book I ask myself one simple question before deciding which direction to take my review....."Shell, do you regret taking the time to read....?"  For this book, my answer was that I didn't regret reading Trust Me, but I did, and still do, believe that it would have been a little more enjoyable had I not needed to take notes to keep things straight.  
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