Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Book Review: Falter (Haven Cage)

by: Haven Cage

Genres: Dark, Urban Fantasy

In FALTER, a dark New Adult/Adult Urban Fantasy novel, Nevaeh Richards thinks she has found a chance to leave her homeless life behind. When the spirit of the only father she knows is wrongfully taken to Hell, Nevaeh is hurled into a world haunted by monstrous demons, rogue Guardian angels, love that is beyond her control, and a soul-threatening choice between the inherent evil inside her and the faltering faith she is struggling to grasp.
Nevaeh and George have lived on the streets as father and daughter since he found her, alone and unconscious, many years ago. When they start a new life employed at Joe's cafe, Nevaeh experiences debilitating visions and frightening apparitions. Adding to the troubling path her life has taken, George suddenly becomes ill and an Animus demon takes his soul hostage in Hell. Unfortunately, the ransom may be more than Nevaeh can afford.
As Nevaeh spirals into this supernatural world, Gavyn—the handsome cafĂ©-owner—tries to convince her that she belongs to a hidden race of people with God-given gifts known as Celatum, and she may be a key player in the Celestial war. However, even after all the otherworldly events she experiences, Nevaeh continues to deny her part in it all.
Meanwhile, Archard—a stranger she feels undeniably bonded to—mysteriously wanders in and out of her life, offering none of the answers she suspects he holds.
Will Nevaeh attain the faith it requires to fulfill her fate as a Celata and take part in the Celestial fight? Or will she give into the darkness that calls to her for the sake of George's soul and damn herself to Hell?

**We received a copy of this book in exchange for the following honest review**

I honestly don't even know where to begin. Since the day the author sent this book in, I had been looking for an excuse to skip ahead a bit and read it...Finally, the excuse came!

As you can imagine, over the weeks that I had been fantasizing about reading Falter, I'd built up expectations and hopes for this book.....and we all know how dangerous that can be. Disappointment is a real thing...and I get to feel it quite a lot with what we do.....

I can, however, say that this book went above and beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! Do you know how many o's that is? Neither do I, but it's a lot!

I've read books kind of similar to this before; Hush Hush, Providence, but this book just had the edge of difference that set it apart from the rest.

Is it weird that I automatically root for the one guy/girl that the character always ends up with? It's kinda my thing to be able to tell you the endings of books from the first two chapters (esp books like this..they're my genre), but I was so surprised. It was another one of those times where I was up at twelve to finish a book and then I read the ending and my brain was like "Lol, sleep? What's sleep? Why don't we obsess over this ending instead??" and so I did....I still am.

My only minor issue was the whole "God" thing. I don't mean it in a bad way..let me explain. Shell and I avoid books with religious themes and undertones because we want to make CommonBookSense a place where anyone can find comfort through good books. That isn't to say that books based around religion aren't good, I just mean that we don't want to make any one person uncomfortable by forcing our religious beliefs onto them....so we don't do religious things. This book did have religious undertones, but they fit nicely into the theme of the book. They weren't really forced upon you...they were portrayed in a fantasy-based environment, so they didn't follow any 'typical' religious standpoints.

All you need to know is that this book is an amazing example of everything a fantasy book should be. While there aren't any werewolves, witches, or vampires, it embodies all the fantastical aspects of what makes a fantasy book so appealing.

Guys, honestly, why haven't you bought this book yet?

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