Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Book Review: When Night Falls (R'Lee R Coffey)

When Night Falls
by R'Lee R Coffey
Genre: Fantasy

My family’s secrets are like dead corpses shoved into cupboards, abandoned to
rot and stew. To be forgotten.
All it took was a freak accident, the death of my best friend, to loosen the lock and let all those secrets waft out, ripe with the smell of betrayal.
In order to tell a story, you have to go back to the beginning; before things get out of control, before the cupboard door breaks open.

And I, Lucien Kinkaid, am going to do just that.

These kinds of reviews are my least favorite to write.

I didn't make it very far into When Night Falls...this was because of information-overload. There were way too many people constantly being introduced and, for me, that's an automatic book turn-off. I couldn't let myself enjoy the book because I was constantly having to flip back to see who was who. Now, I know this is kinda my job, but I'm not required to read books I don't enjoy, so I started my next one.

I did like that Coffey let you know who was what as soon as it switched to their point of view, that was new for me. R'lee R. Coffey's writing was good, I just couldn't get past the introduction of so many people. I wished I could skip over it, but then I'd have been even more confused!

If you can keep up with a ton of characters and places, and you like vampires, give this book a spin.

Until next time, keep your noses in the pages, my lovelies! I'll blog you later!


What's the biggest book turn off for you? What makes you stop reading a book?

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