Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Book Review: Dark Guardian (Ammar Habib)

Dark Guardian
By Ammar Habib
Genres: Fantasy

It has been four years since Ethan Daniels stepped foot in Crown City. Four long years that he allowed everyone to believe he was dead and gone. But now he's back, and with a vengeance. 

After the gruesome death of his adopted sister at the hands of a merciless gang, there is nothing he wants more than revenge. He can't sleep, he can't think; all he hears are her cries in his ears and all he sees is her death in his mind. 

Ethan comes home to take on one of the world's most notorious crime lords in his bid for revenge, but he doesn't expect a reunion with Katrina, the girl he loved as a boy. After multiple re-encounters with her, Ethan's resolve begins to waver as he is forced to realize that he can't have both love and vengeance. Retribution exacts a price, and fate—well, she has plans of her own. 

Hello everybodyyyyyy!!! Today I will be doing a review on Dark Guardian. So I apologize to the author for this review because it is not exactly positive..... At all.

  So first things first, I couldn't get to the third chapter. It was so bad. It was like reading the script for a soap opera. Now don't get me wrong it has room (a lot actually) for development. I immediately caught on to the plot and what was going on, which for me is bad because I like to be surprised by the plot twist not like "oh yeah. I knew that". The transitions were awful. Almost as if the author didn't know how to properly transition from the topic at hand to a new one; it all just kinda got smushed together and made the book seem poorly written, corny, and like I was at amateur hour at the "I just started writing a book for a hobby cause I was bored and decided to publish it" bar (IJSWABFAHCIWBADTPI Bar, if you will). I read the first line, scoffed, rolled my eyes, and closed out of the book, and I imagine that's what I would've done if I saw it at the book store. Anyway, the way the characters talk to one another doesn't flow, it's so bad and scripted. Like they were puppets, almost. So, I don't recommend this book. I am sorry to the author for giving a negative review, but I feel I need to be honest about the work that gets sent in.

  Well, I must be off now! Goodbye my loves!!

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