Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Book Review: Resilience in Curls (Natalie Keshing)

Resilience in Cruls
Natalie Keshing
Genre: Memoir

We Begin... 

She waited for him. Not because she loved him but because she was scared of him and what she was contemplating. 

He walked in through the kitchen door wearing his black short sleeved turtleneck and his dark sunglasses. Olive skinned, handsome, slender and buff. Staggering a bit towards her, wanting to give her a kiss. 

The smell of his breath was nauseating. Mr. Playboy full of charm and not much more than that. She turned her face away from him. She rejected him and he felt that deep inside. His succorance for affection rejected. Now asking about the baby. 

Was He 
Strung With 
An Easy Burden 
Of His Infuriated Wife 
A Cold Weight 
In His Heart 
Enigmatic and Blasting 
The Fool He was ~ Nat 

"Where's My Lorie?" 

"She's sleeping don't wake her up." 

He staggered back taking his sunglasses off placing them on the kitchen table. Reminding her of his enormous charm when they met asking her to dance. All eyes were on them, turning her rhythmically to the beat in a pirouette like a ballerina grabbing her waist while throwing his head back and smiling. He had center stage with Josephine. It was obvious she was not from the city. Inexperienced with just the charms of a fallacy ready to snatch her. Giving rise to his gilded specious charismatic charm. She was completely pure and very impressionable. 

Walked With Swagger 
Intoxicating Desire 
Among Shadows Dancing 
A Piquant Glance 
Eyes Locked Awakening 
Lascivious Thoughts 
Desire The Craving ~ Nat

I feel like the only way to describe Resilience In Curls would be to say it was jumbled. While reading, I couldn't even find who the main character was.

I kept wondering what Natalie was trying to say to us. Was she randomly throwing sentences together , or was she trying to tell us a story? Where was the story going? I never found answers to these questions.

I honestly think that this book is just pointless. Books are supposed to take you on a journey. You're supposed to hop on this magical adventure with the characters and GO somewhere...This book didn't take me anywhere, and honestly, I don't see any point to you guys picking up a book full of random words and sentences that are just thrown together. This book was one that reminds me why I shy away from memoirs. 

As always, you can make that decision for yourselves. The links will be below.

I'm sorry this review is a little late. I've been sick, so I had to make myself sit down to write this haha. 
Keep your noses in the pages, and I'll blog you lovelies later!  <3


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