Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book Review: Skye's Lure (Angel Leya)

Skye's Lure
by Angel Leya
Genres: Fantasy. Urban Fantasy, Mermaids, Romance

Will saving a human lead to the destruction of her people?

Skye is a good mermaid, following her elder’s instruction and staying away from humans. But when a party ship cruises through her part of the sea, Skye ends up saving Vince, a man, from drowning - a crime punishable by death. When the ship comes back, so does she.

Lured by the promise of seeing land and the handsome Vince, Skye boards the ship, but finds that Vince may not be as trustworthy as she first thought. Now it’s a race to save herself and her people from exposure and destruction.

Angel Leya enjoys retelling fairy tales in new and intriguing ways, but she wants readers to know that Skye is no Ariel and Vince is no Prince. In this urban fantasy, female protagonist Skye must struggle to learn the truth about herself, her people and Vince before her actions destroy everything she holds dear. With the help of the elusive Sea King, will Vince become a merman, or will the two choose to be human? It’s anything but the traditional fairytale retellings we all know.

I do not even know where to begin with 'Skye's Lure' because I just did not like it. I'm sorry, but it's true. I felt that it glamorized kidnapping in such a way that...I dunno, it just annoyed me.  Skye is suffering from a major case of Stockholm syndrome. I get that she was curious about land and humans, but typically, you don't fall in love with someone who kidnaps you, locks you in a glass tank in their home...and tries to use you for personal gain. Can anyone say human/mermaid trafficking? He was basically trying to be her pimp! But yes, she's in love with him and they run off together to have little psychopath fish babies.

One of the best ways to describe this book would just be lacking. It just wasn't very memorable, in my opinion. This is a prime example why I shy away from short stories. I felt no connection to the characters, and I had no care as to where they ended up. I wasn't pulled into the story at all and I just....well, I didn't like it.

I wish the author the best of luck in her writings, but Skye's Lure just wasn't for me.

What is the most annoying book you've ever read? Was it still good?

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