Friday, August 05, 2016

Book Review: The Slave Planet (Seven Steps)

The Slave Planet
by Seven Steps
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Love is the ultimate crime.
On a planet where women are born to rule, Empress Nadira's secret affair with her slave threatens to rip her family apart. When she joins the highest council in the land, her secret is revealed. Will Nadira
go against everything she believes in to protect her family, or will she choose her heart and doom everyone she loves to death?
Empress Eva thinks she has it all: wealth, power and a mother who adores her. That is, until she meets Lex, a handsome alien imprisoned in a slave market. His red hair and crimson eyes intrigue her. His touch sets her on fire. When the beautiful alien captures her heart, Eva is forced to make a life changing decision: pursue the career of her dreams, or give it all up for the love of a slave?
The Slave Planet is a science fiction, interracial (black woman white man) romance. It is a thrilling journey into an alternate history where women rule the world.
This is the first book in THE SLAVE PLANET trilogy.

When I originally began reading this book, I was quite skeptical. The whole 'man-slave' thing made me slightly uncomfortable, to be honest. Slavery is a very touchy subject, so I think that Seven Steps is very brave for using it as the main theme of this book. I actually almost quit reading, I wanted to, but for some reason I just kept turning the page. I don't know what kind of voodoo magic is in the pages of this book, but it's the real deal. I didn't close the book until I had to sleep/charge my device. I snuck away during the day to read. That really says a lot about the quality of this book. (Why isn't snuck a word?  What world do we live in?! I'm leaving it because that's how I talk...I will NOT say 'sneaked'.)

I feel like Empress Nadira's outlook really leveled out uncomfortableness of the idea of a slave planet. ('Uncomfortableness' isn't either, but I do not care. I even used it again below. Take that, English!"

Other than the minor uncomfortableness, this book was beautifully executed. It was very, very well written, and I honestly can't wait to see what happens. I really want to see where they go!

I can't say much, for fear of giving something away, but if you're as into sci-fi books as I am, pick up The Slave Planet. It was soooooooo good!

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