Thursday, August 04, 2016

Something Almost Ruined CommonBookSense

Since the beginning of CommonBookSense, we have been using Google Drive for all of our post graphics and page headers. We worked very hard to get all of our graphics just how we liked them, we even color coded them!

A few days ago, Shell had to log out of the CommonBookSense email to check some personal things....and she noticed that our graphics weren't working. She asked about it and reloaded the page, still just broken image graphics. I just waved it off, saying that it sometimes does that. Some authors had brought it to our attention before and we just assumed that it was a glitch or slow internet because WE could always see them.

As it turns out, if your documents aren't shared with the people viewing the graphics, they can't see them. It appears as a broken image. The only way to get around this is to make a document with all the images you plan to (and ever will) use on your blog...unless you wish to download them, crop them, take up unnecessary space on your computer, and risk loosing the transparency that they may have. Ours always do because we sometimes like to change the background color, and our mobile template likes to act up. Luckily for us, most of our graphics are centralized on one document, which was actually done recently, but we still have to go through and put every drawing and image ever used on that document. Not only is it a major pain in the butt, it's quite discouraging to see that we put so much hard work into our graphics, but we were the only ones that can see them....

So, dear readers, authors, and fellow bloggers, if you ever want the convenience of Google Drive and Drawings to do your post graphics, make sure you make the file public.

We are SO, so sorry that you couldn't see our images. Please, comment below to tell us if you can see them.

~ Shell and Kailei

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