Monday, August 08, 2016

Book Review: Titles Are Meaningless (Alex Finnegan)

Titles Are Meaningless
by: Alex Finnegan

Genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance

Vampires live among us but they aren't the monsters that we've been led to believe. They live like we do; they breathe, they eat, they sleep, they love, they die. Theirs is merely a cursed race.

Upon their twenty-first birthday, females of this cursed race come into their powers and are forced to undergo a sacred rite with a male in their clan to bring that power to the surface. Olivia is only eighteen but her powers are coming to the surface much earlier than expected. The men in her clan are beginning to circle in an attempt to gain some of her power. Leaving her clan's mansion, Olivia is now faced with the most important choice she's ever had to make in her young life which is when she meets an unlikely ally.

Seth is a normal human who has the worst luck possible. That is until he meets a vampire “princess” with a target on her back. Now he's caught in a deadly game where multiple lives are at stake.

Will Olivia be able to escape the grasps of those who want to use her or will she end up just another victimized pawn in someone's bid for power?

Titles are Meaningless was a book that we originally didn't accept, but after Shell went back through, she accepted it. I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not it was something that I would enjoy, having had bad luck with vampire reads, which was why it sat on our list a little longer than usual.

I am so, so glad that it ended up on our Kindle. It was such an awesome book! The take on vampires was unique (compared to today's vampires) and I just REALLY liked it! It was short, and everything got to the point very fast.

The entire idea for Titles Are Meaningless was unique. It's a fast-paced book that sucks you in right from the first page. Whether or not you like vampires doesn't matter, because either way, this book is one hundred percent worth every minute of your time.

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