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Book Review: The Knight's Grace (DJ Goldsmith)

The Knight's Grace
by DJ Goldsmith
Genres: Romance, New Adult (Romance), Fiction

Finishing college should be an exciting prospect but with having just lost her dad and the strange nightmares she's been having Rachael is crippled with uncertainty. When her friend Janice offers her a place to stay until she gets back on her feet, it is just too good of an offer to refuse. 

Agreeing to stay with Janice means her older brother Jason comes with the deal. Jason Knight is a delicious piece of man candy that Rachael can’t stop undressing with her eyes. His well-built construction worker body, piercing blue eyes, and panty-dropping arm tattoo has Rachael licking her lips and searching for her favorite B.O.B. 

Join Rachael as she starts this hilarious misadventure full of twists and turns which will have you laughing out loud, fill you with hope, and completely catch you off guard. 

WARNING: This is not your typical love story. The story has been known to cause bursts of random laughter, jaw dropping twists, heart filling hope, and scenes so steamy we cannot discuss them here but also contains some trigger worthy content.

*We were provided a copy of this book in exchange for the following honest review**

Oh, where to begin?! In case you missed it, The Knight's Grace is a New Adult romance, which means that there was some mature content.

'The Knight's Grace' was...different, to say the least. It was something that I had yet to come across in my new-adult genre bookventures. I laughed, I was embarrassed for Rachael (if you read you'll know what I mean), and I fell in love. I fell in love with not only the characters, but the story, their story, their love. I never wanted the pages to end. I sped through this book in half a day and I stared at the words "The End" for several minutes, trying to come to terms with the fact that my time with Jason, Rachael, and the Knight family was over.

It was a bit predictable for me, but it so worked. Toward the middle, I did see where the book was headed, but I still read through the pages as if I had no idea. I liked what was being worked toward. It wasn't really only about their relationship. In 'typical' new adult/young adult/all romance books you go through half the book with the main characters denying their love for each other, or dealing with a love triangle (even though it's OBVIOUS who they'll end up with), having pointless arguments, and so on. The Knight's Grace wasn't about two people avoiding their feelings, but rather dealing with things that normal people do and don't have to deal with. There were a few petty misunderstandings, but to quote Hannah: "Nobody's perfect".... and it's incredibly important for characters to have flaws if they're to be related to, or associated with humans.

The ending was horribly perfect. I wanted more of Jason and Rachael's story, but where DJ ended it was justified. I literally said, and I quote, "What?! No way that's the end. Noooooooooooooooooo!" It left it up to your imagination, but I have some hopes that I'll get to see how their story continues.

The title played into the book! That's such a huge thing for me, and I always, ALWAYS notice when that happens. It makes my heart smile! Titles should have weight and meaning; they're the first and last thing you see when you look at a book. They're important.

My one, and only, complaint would have to be the names. I understand that some families do the whole "let's all have names that start with the same first letter" thing...I mean, my mom's parents had that exact idea, but it makes it really, really hard to keep up with the characters. It's a small thing, but it's for sure one of my biggest book turn-offs.

I think that it's safe to say that I really enjoyed DJ Goldsmith's writing. I'll be following her future works closely. This one is  gonna be big, I can feel it. I'll scroll past The Knight's Grace on my Kindle, and save a little smile for Rachael and Jason.

Until next time, keep your noses in the pages! I've been up all night, so I'm going to sleep after this! I'll blog you lovelies later!! <3

P.S. I'm still majorly sick, so if there are any spelling/grammar errors, blame that. Also, blame it for the fact that there isn't a QOTR...not that really anyone bothers to answer it anyway haha!

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