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Guest Post: M.L. Sparrow on 'Do You Believe In Age Limits for Books?'

Hi everyone! 

I’m M L Sparrow, the author of Ghetto, The Demon Inside, No Rest for the Wicked and the soon to be released, Player. Two of my books are YA novels, whilst No Rest for the Wicked is an Adult Romance and Player is aimed at the older end of the New Adult spectrum, due to sexual scenes. Which brings me to the subject of this post: Do you believe in age limits for books? 

Personally, I don’t. Having discovered Adult Romance at the age of twelve, with Keri Arthur’s Full Moon Rising, I instantly fell in love with the genre. Shocked at first by the content, I was instantly intrigued and went on to discover authors like Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh and Gena Showalter, who remain some of my favourite writers. I had always loved reading and writing, but Adult Romance opened up a whole new world I was previously unaware of, or at least, uninformed about. 

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. Twelve, that’s far too young to be reading books of a sexual nature! But, before you faint, think of it this way. If teenagers are reading about sex, from books that also explore the emotions and context behind the act, surely that is better than simply searching for porn on the internet… They are being allowed to explore sex in a safe environment, rather than remaining uninformed and potentially going out and doing something irresponsible or dangerous.

Of course, in this day and age, where anyone can self-publish whatever they want (I’m not knocking it, after all, I’m also a self-published author), its easy to stumble upon BDSM or dark romance masquerading as simple romance novels, so a little caution to young readers is advisable. But then, if you avoid them like the plague, how are you ever going to know whether or not you enjoy them? And there’s no harm in reading about kinky sex! I discovered Cherise Sinclair (an erotic novelist) at fifteen and it never did me any harm! To be fair, by that age, teenagers should know the difference between right and wrong and where to draw the line, so I honestly don’t believe reading certain material can do any harm. 

Sex isn’t the only thing to worry about though. I talked to several people about this post, just to gauge general opinion, and most agreed with my view, but one disagreed strongly and used a book called ‘Fight Club’ to make his point. Not having read ‘Fight Club’ I immediately went out and got a copy, but was a little disappointed that it didn’t actually shock me. Sure, it was twisted and violent, but no more so than some of the programs that are on TV or some video games, which makes my point. Why should books for teenagers be censured when video games and films are often worse. And yes, I know those things have age limits, but lets be honest, very few people actually listen to those!  

If you still have doubts, as yourself this; Would you prefer your teenager to be reading about sexual acts, thereby educating themselves, or to remain ignorant and perhaps later end up in trouble?    

At the time I thought my addiction to Adult Romances was a great secret; I’d hide my books in draws – before I got a Kindle, anyway! – and then, when my collection got too big, I’d put them on my bookshelves with the spine facing the wall! Now, I’m well aware that, since I was using her card (with permission of course) to purchase my books from Amazon, my mum was likely aware of the type of books I was reading, however, she never tried to stop me from reading them which I’m intensely grateful for, since I believe they helped me grow up with well rounded opinions and a healthy attitude towards sex and relationships.

So, whether you’re a teen or in your hundreds and you like sweet, sexy contemporary romances, check out Player, which will be released on the 1st of September! 

Before I go, a quick thanks to Kailei and Shell for letting me have some space to chat on their blog. 

And a big thanks to M.L. for taking the time to chat with us! We adore your view on age limits, and strongly agree. We have many (hundreds, probably) of erotica books on our JOINED Kindle account....and both of us read it and discuss the books. Saying someone isn't allowed to read/watch/play something doesn't mean they won't go out and do it...nor does it mean that they won't witness or experience it on some level at one point in their life. We think it shouldn't be based on age, so much as maturity.

As always, you can find all of M.L.'s links below, if you're interested in checking out her books! We'll include the blurbs and cover photos for them below.  Reviews for Ghetto, and Player are to come! Kailei has already reviewed The Demon Inside, so you can see that below as well!

When a rich gentleman finds a beautiful young woman lying in the snow, on the brink of death, he takes her back to his house and, when she has recovered, employs her as a maid. Immediately Elira realizes that Anthony Luther is no ordinary man and nothing about the house she now lives in is as it seems, for Anthony is a powerful wizard.

Inexplicably drawn together, they begin a tentative romance, but it’s not just Elira’s uncertainties and the rules of upper-class society which drive a wedge between them; rivalries and a precious family heirloom, a priceless necklace of unforeseen power handed down through generations, threaten not only the couple’s happiness, but also their lives and the safety of the people around them

Let the game begin…

After a tragic accident which leaves her tormented by guilt, Chloe Newman
accepts a scholarship to study a St. Joseph’s University. Traveling from England to Texas, the last thing she expects is to meet the schools charming quarterback on her first night. However, Parker Mitchell is a player both on and off the field.

Parker is immediately fascinated by Chloe and, after a rocky start, they manage to find a way to make their relationship work despite interference from others on campus, including Parkers jealous ex, and the ghosts that haunt Chloe’s conscience. But, the real test comes when they visit Parker’s family over Christmas break and he finds himself being pulled back into their lifestyle...

My name’s Sunny Grace Beaumont. Branded SGB/2/6895/03.12.93. Only child, self-taught computer geek and cancer survivor. Oh, and did I mention my dad’s the President? As you can imagine that’s sometimes a little problematic, especially when I want to sneak out. But it never got me into quite as much trouble as the night I ventured into the Ghetto – don’t ask me why I was there in the first place… it was stupid. Everyone knows that the Ghetto is where hardened criminals are sent to live out the remainder of their lives. At first the men that kidnap me are just as I’d imagine, mean and thoughtless, but slowly I begin to have doubts.

I meet a guy. His name’s Sin, he has no Brand – a crime punishable by death – and he’s the rebel leader. I should hate him… but I don’t. Instead he opens my eyes to a whole other side of the Ghetto, where people are innocent of the crimes they’re accused of and helpless children suffer dreadful poverty. Is it possible that I’ve been lied to my entire life… that the governments been deceiving everyone? And how can I challenge the law my own dad is adamant to uphold?

Darcy was a perfectly normal teenage girl, enjoying the summer after completing her A Levels with her boyfriend Alec. Until the night strange creatures begin falling from the sky, infecting people and transforming them into crazed, animalistic cannibals.
Having lost everything in one foul swoop - her parents, her home and all future plans - all Darcy can do is try to protect the people she does have left. Together, she and Alec, along with her younger sister, sarcastic best-friend, Alec's alcoholic father and the family dog, set off on a journey to find somewhere safe in a world where everything is different.
However, when they do finally discover a haven, a place to call home again, can they remain? And who will survive?

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