Sunday, September 04, 2016

Confessions Of A Book-Blogger #1: What Time Do You Typically Read?

I don’t really know why I called this “Confessions of a Book-Blogger” when I’m answering a question presented to myself by myself….but the name sounds clever, so we’re going to go with it.

I typically read at night. I find it easier to focus after I’ve brushed my teeth, emptied my ever-full bladder, and curled up in my cozy (or rather sweltering) loft the dark. I especially like it when my whole family has already been asleep for a few hours. The only sounds to distract me are the ones of my possible serial killer, the house settling, and one of our many dogs that bark at each other’s breathing. 

At any time in my house..well, not really during the week, but still, there are at least two tvs going with deaf people attached to the remotes. 20+ emails in our inbox, six doglets running around trying to kill me and/or each other (kill me by giving me a hernia because they’re always into things and also trying to kill each other; one dog is well over 200 pounds, and easily a foot and a half bigger than me on his hind legs). And then there’s the ever present lure of Netflix (and occasional YouTube gaming or Pinterest binges). Netflix usually wins. I tell myself that, since I’m watching it on the blog computer that I MUST be doing something productive

But, I get very easily distracted. Example: I spent 30 minutes figuring out how to put a that gif there, then another 5 finding one, and another 5 trying to find another and failing. I have these big notions of waking up early and going for a run and then being a productive member of this internet community….Never happens.

To answer the question: I do most of my reading at night and….sometimes well into morning….like today. My yesterday never ended. I finished two unplanned books (the whole series or I would have read longer), and got up at five. I then had this  stroke of genius...or maybe just a regular one, we’ll never know because I have a habit of getting distracted by new good ideas.

Nonetheless, I feel like Shell and I run a pretty cool blog. Yeah, our reviews go up a little late sometimes, or our grammar isn’t perfect, but we’re human.

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