Friday, November 20, 2015

Book Review: Not Your Mother's Goose (Topher Goggin)

Not Your Mother's Goose (NYMG)
By: Topher Goggin
Genre: Humor

Not Your Mother's Goose proves that fairy tales and nursery rhymes aren't just for kids anymore. Envision it as the Cliffs Notes of children's stories — if Cliffs Notes was overtaken by Dave Barry or the folks at The Onion. Not Your Mother's Goose is a series of totally irreverent, mega-sarcastic fairy tale recaps, along with a host of hilarious fake news stories and headlines ranging from Rapunzel getting a bikini wax to Old MacDonald bombing on Wheel of Fortune after only buying vowels. Mix in illustrations reminiscent of Gary Larson's classic Far Side cartoons, and you're left with a madcap read that will leave you laughing all the way from Rumpelstiltskin's Twitter feed to Humpty Dumpty's Facebook page (where Jack is still trying to grow a beanstalk—in FarmVille).

Hello, my darlings! Kailei, again! The book I'm going to review for you guys today is a little..well.... a LOT different that what we usually review on le blog.

Not Your Mother's Goose was a book that was sent in via a book review request. When we read the blurb/synopsis/thingy we were all pretty much sounded AWESOME! And it WAS!

In case you skimmed over the blurb up dere /\, it's basically an adult (or mature young adult) version of all the classic fairy-tales.  Lots of vulgar language and modern twists (basically two of my favorite things).

I have to say that my favorite story in the book had to be his twist on Bambi. Coincidentally, it was the first one in the book. I loved it. The author (Mr. Topher Goggins) did an amazing job of putting familiar (and not so familiar) names and faces into TOTALLY different settings...."Rapunzel gets her first bikini wax!"....Tangled is my favorite movie, so I very much enjoyed that one. It was on of those "I can and will say whatever I want, no matter how vulgar!" and I really enjoyed reading it!

I did get a little annoyed when I was trying.......and FAILING MISERABLY at trying to add it to my Kindle. Oh my sweet baby pandas. I usually send the .mobi copy of books authors send us to our kindles (the CommonBookSense one that Naomi, Esther, Sophie, and any other guest authors have access to it...until I make a guest author account and the one my mom and I share..we have kindle unlimited and it's on my phone, don't judge). But! Since this book was EXACTLY 25MB, Google REFUSED to send it as an I had to get an epub and email it to myself and then save it into my iBooks.....which I really don't like to use. So it was just an annoying mess! However! You peoples will have a much better time of getting it because you spend le monies to get it directly on whatever account you use, which is great!

Should we start linking the books on posts? Maybe for the author ones? Hmmm, maybe I will.

It's great for people that want a good excuse to keep reading fairy-tales well after they're thirty. I think it's great! It was a really unique idea, and most of all, it was FUN to read. Kinda like (if you're an adult), let's pull out this book and read it when the party is dead to make everyone laugh until they cry.

I very much enjoyed reading it, but my mom also doesn't really mind what I read (you should SEE our kindle account), so I knew that I wouldn't get in trouble or anything for reading it (not that it's TOO bad). So, unless you're old enough to spend your own money on the book, make sure your boss people are okay with you reading it....I don't want you guys to hate me because I got someone it trouble!

So, I decided to put the links in here for you guys! #YouBeWelcome

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Update news! In case you guys haven't noticed, we have a little bit of a schedule up! *Oooohhh, Ahhhhhh* Cue applause! Every five days we'll give you guys a rant post or a book review! Yay!

I'll blog you later, lovelies! It's Friday! Go do something more fun than what I'm doing! (A.k.a nothing...a.k.a Netflix and the Sims!)

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