Thursday, June 23, 2016

Book Review: Capering On Glass Bridges (Jessica Hernandez)

Capering on Glass Bridges
by: Jessica Hernandez

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure

The Utdrendans have spoken, and everything has changed as a consequence. People normally avoid the fog surrounding the cursed Kingdom of Mar, but now they are asking sixteen-year-old Kaia Stone to venture into it. The Utdrendans implied that there is something special about Kaia. They claimed that she could help free the land; she need only carry out their instructions and deliver a message to the Marian king.

Mar, however, is a land in which dark secrets abound, and many will stop at nothing to ensure that it remains forever cursed. Determined to work against Kaia, unfriendly forces have already begun to gather.

Will Kaia choose to abandon the only life she’s ever known—perhaps indefinitely—in pursuit of the greater good…in pursuit of her purpose?


Helloooooooo everyonnnnneeee!!! Today I will be reviewing Capering on Glass Bridges by Jessica Hernandez.  Firstly, I must apologize to the author of this book for not reviewing it soon enough and making her wait. I am very sorry for the wait and I have no excuses for not reviewing it sooner.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I loved the theme, it was magical and made you feel as though you were in the book yourself. I do wish that she had given more explanation to the characters. I didn't know how to picture Kaia or Elania, the only characteristics that were given is how old they were and towards the end of the book that Elania had dark curly hair.  I didn't know if Kaia had brown or black hair, there was no indication as to her eye color or if she was a petite person or tall. It seems silly but it helps to visualize the story. I still am unaware of how old Warrin is compared to Kaia. And speaking of Warrin and Kaia their chemistry din't come into play until the middle of the book and it was rather unexpected. I wish that the author would of given hints as to the dynamic between them but instead I was totally ambushed with it. I also wanted to see a bit more profession in their relationship, they danced and they held hands a few times but that's about it. And I know that this isn't a romance novel but if there is going to be a romance I would've liked to see into it a little more. Kaia seems like a brave, loyal, and courageous girl, but we didn't really get a glimpse into her personality which was kind of a bummer. The same goes for most of the other characters as well. It kind of left the story feeling empty, with no real description of the characters or their personalities. But I did really love this book, I thought it was original and interesting and i adored all of the creatures that came into play. I do hope that there will be a sequel because the author did leave it on a cliffhanger which I suspected from the beginning but didn't know if it was going to follow through. Anyway, I really liked this book and would recommend you read it if you like fantasy/ fiction. Jessica if you have a sequel or any other books please do send them in as I would like to read them too. Thank you for choosing us to review your book and I hope I did it justice. Again I apologize for the wait.

I bestow love and happiness among you all and wish you a beautiful day!!

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